MDA Hospitality’s Engagement Approach




To effectively assess the scope of work, a diagnosis of the operation is performed.  This phase is one month and begins by reviewing the desired outcomes with leadership/ownership.  From this discussion, a plan is crafted to include meeting with key team members, working with the operational team(s), and evaluating existing training resources.  A summary of the findings and engagement proposal is prepared for the client’s evaluation. 


Onsite time is contingent upon the number of outlets involved, though typically ranges from 1-3 full days. The remainder of the work is conducted remotely.  Once the client reviews the proposal and should the client decide to proceed, an Engagement Agreement is prepared.


An Engagement Agreement is drafted to reflect the desired plan from the diagnosis stage.  It includes the project summary, scope of work, time commitment, milestones, and expected results.  Engagements are a collaborative effort between MDA Hospitality and the onsite operational team(s) with an identified key contact and decision-maker(s).    


An engagement is typically for six months.  This allows time to establish a working relationship, evaluate the resources, craft new tools, set an onsite plan, and deliver training.  The engagement specifies agreed upon onsite and remote work.  Onsite work includes training delivery and leadership collaboration, and remote work involves the evaluation of training materials, drafting new material, virtual meetings, and progress updates toward the goal.


Once the training resources are finalized, the implementation plan is prepared for onsite delivery.  The plan includes a detailed schedule, team member execution expectations, written assessments, role-playing, and controlled service simulations. Leadership meetings are set to apprise of team members’ progress and performance. 




To ensure the training is sustainable, leadership plays a critical role in ensuring the service execution.  MDA Hospitality supports that continuity through continued remote collaboration, maintaining the resources, training refreshes, audits, and strategic planning.  While the six-month engagement includes the early stages of sustainment, prolonged services are based on the property’s desired level of MDA Hospitality’s involvement.

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